Ball Square Café (once more)

One of my favorite brunch spots in Brunch Village AKA Somerville. However, I think the prices went up and that makes me sad. Brunch really shouldn’t be expensive. 

Without further a due, (is that how it goes?) The avocado & tomato eggs Benedict:

Actually not my favorite of the eggs Benny- it was a little bland and I had to put salt on it. And I’m not even a salt person.


Bacon Palooza is back at Olde Magoun’s Saloon!

The ALL BACON MENU is back at Magoun’s Saloon in Somerville, MA! Just in time to ruin those New Year Resolutions 😉 It’s only here on Wednesdays for the month of January, so make those plans!

Check out the Bacon Palooza VI menu here


El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill

This was my first time at this good ole spot right in Union Sq Somerville! Also my first time trying pupusas- what whatttt.

Yup. You heard it. A Somerville townie that has never tried pupusas. And pictured above are the infamous pupusas! They were just as amazing as I thought they would be. I mean, they’re tortillas STUFFED with CHEESE. Like, really stuffed with cheese. So stuffed, that when you pull it apart the cheese strings everywhere. You can choose from bean and cheese, cheese and loroco, or a mix of both. Starting at only $2 a pupusa, we ordered one of each.

Surprisingly, I think I enjoyed the bean and cheese more than the cheese and loroco. Not to say that it was bad- still packed with amazingly cheesey goodness. I ate half of each and honestly already felt a little full. Two of these bad boys could totally make a meal, at only $4.

Next, I ordered the Pollo ala Crema

El_Potro_polloalacremaI love anything high in cholesterol (who doesn’t)- cheese, fats, dairy, you name it. In that regard, ordering the pollo ala crema was just right.

“Tender chicken cooked in our homemade cream sauce, mushrooms, and tomatoes, served with rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, sliced avocado, and flour tortilla.”

That chicken was SO tender and delicious. El Potro ain’t lying. The cream sauce was flavorful, a little on the salty side. Not dull like some cream sauces can be. The sliced avocado on the side was a great touch. YUM!

El_Potro_polloalacrema_closeupIt tasted just as good for left overs the next day too!

If you want some good, fresh, authentic Mexican food, pay a visit to El Potro. Not only will you be pleased, but you will also be supporting a family business!

Olde Magoun’s Saloon: Part Deux


pumpkin mac
On every Wednesday for the month of December, Magoun’s Saloon offered a special MAC ATTACK! menu. Of course my eyes lit up when I saw the advertisement and I just KNEW I had to go. They serve the best mac and cheese after all.

This is the glorious MAC ATTACK! menu. My friend and I took a good 15 minutes to decide what we would devour. It’s all mac and cheese. It all sounds so good.

And so with much debate, I went for the Roasted Pumpkin. How could a basic bitch not? 😉

pumpkin mac1
As expected, it was amazing. The fried sage on top added some delicious crispiness to the mac. Pieces of the roasted pumpkin which came apart from the walls of the pumpkin paired really well with the mac. The bacon, was hidden all around inside the mac- and every time you had a bite, it was a surprise in your mouth. Yup. A surprise in your mouth.

mac collards fried chicken

My friend went for the Southern Style. Mac and cheese with collard greens on the bottom and fried buttermilk chicken on top. YUM.

Of course we tried each others mac. This dish was SO GOOD. I’ve never had their fried chicken before and boy was it a delicious surprise (then again, what isn’t delicious from Magoun’s!?). Perfectly cooked juicy tender chicken and just the right crispy fried batter on the outside.

Although MAC ATTACK is now over, it is bound to come back around.

So tell me, who makes your favorite mac and cheese? Is it a local spot, a chain restaurant, or Mom’s? Comment below!

Daddy Jones

Dip & Pita

Dip & Pita

My friends and I started the night off right at Daddy Jones with an order of their Dip & Pita. The dip is made up of whipped roasted pepper, feta, and heavenly goodness. We each had a glass of white wine to wash it down with and I have to say it paired with the dip pretty darn well. FYI this is a chilled dip- for some odd reason I was expecting it to be warm. It’s still amazing though.

Next we ordered two Mac Daddy’s to share.

The Mac Daddy

The Mac Daddy

You see those pieces of meat? That’s BACON. BACON I TELL YOU. Big chunks of BACON! It’s mixed with sharp cheddar & kaseri, sautéed tomatoes, and elbow macaroni. We each scooped some out onto our pretty little plates (their water glasses are cool too, BTW). It was delicious. Now, as a mac and cheese connoisseur, I have to say that Magoun’s mac tops the Mac Daddy. However, they are both pretty different Macs- different cheeses and topping. Did I mention that this had huge chunks of bacon in it? 😉

Daddy Jones has a nice ambiance to it- relaxing and beautifully lit. Definitely a great date night spot. You can dine with them Mon-Sat at 5PM, Sun- 10AM-12AM. Reservations available by calling or texting 617.690.9095. They are located in Magoun Square Somerville, right across from Magoun Saloon! You can check out their site at

My apologies for crappy iphone photos 🙂



This post isn’t about a person named Paul. It’s about a french bakery, “boulangerie” by the name of PAUL Maison De Qualité Fondée En 1889 (house of quality, founded in 1889). New to Assembly Row in my hometown of Somerville, my cousin suggested we check it out for brunch!

Right when you walk in, there is a long showcase of all their breads and pastries- numerous delicious looking carbohydrates to make your mouth water. At the end of the showcase is the register where you pay and pick up your order if it’s ready. The seating is self service, like most cafés. To start, I ordered smoked salmon on a croissant and a small cappuccino. I kept my eye on the macaroons for later.

The smoked salmon laid on a bed of tomato, lettuce, and croissant. It was everything I wanted and more. The croissant was the perfect size and texture. Just enough butter and crunch.

The cappuccino was perfect- ordered with some half & half and a little sugar. Foam was there until the very last drop 🙂

Pictured above is one of their miraculous macaroons- Macaron de Vanille. I got this bad boy to go after sitting in for a wonderful brunch. It was AMAZING. I’ve had Italian macaroons before, but French macaroons are another ball park. This was kind of like a whoopie pie- two soft almond cookies with some kind of mystery almond vanilla filling inside. The filling tasted like vanilla ice cream, except it’s not! It was just the right amount of cream and sugar. YUM.

I definitely recommend stopping by Paul’s for some breakfast before going to the shops at Assembly Row. It’s a great way to start your weekend of Christmas shopping and the prices aren’t so bad either! Oh and you can look into their boulangerie to watch the yummy bread being made! Did I mention, taking some baguettes to-go?


Ball Square Cafe

Pictured above is the best eggs benny in the universe.

Two perfectly cooked poached eggs over avocado and tomato topped with the best homemade hollandaise sauce. MMM YUM! On the side is deliciously grilled-mashed home fries and a slice of fresh orange. All 9 of their eggs benny plates are scrumptious and I HIGHLY recommend them!

Brunch Village A.K.A. Somerville is where this awesomely delicious cafe is located. Here you can find fancy pancakes, french toast (even stuffed french toast, WHAT WHAT!), omelets, breakfast plates, breakfast sandwiches, eggs benedict, belgian waffles, bagels, bread, oatmeal, granola, and fresh fruit- all just as tasty as the next. They have a variety of juice, coffee and tea which is self serve and an option to purchase the bottomless mug (unlimited refills for $3.75).

Ball Square Cafe also serves yummy lunch that includes soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and lunch plates- which makes it the perfect brunch spot.

Breakfast and Lunch are served all day Monday–Sunday from 6:30am–3:00pm. Check out their website at

Oh and BTW- they have heat lamps outside so you don’t freeze to death while waiting in line!