Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway


x tudoThat’s what this beast of a burger is called. X- Tudo, Brazilian- Portuguese literally translating to CHEESE- EVERYTHING in English. How could I not eat a burger that stands for cheese and everything good in this world?

xtudoThe “everything” in this burger consists of a beef burger, fried egg, slice of ham, tomato, lettuce, fried potato sticks, bacon, mayo, sometimes peas, and a potato bun. Of course, there’s cheese in there.

This particular X- Tudo was good, but the beef burger patty was a little dry that day.

You can find this gem of a sandwich at almost any Brazilian Café. It can even be a X- Frango or X- Galinha (w/ chicken). There are tons of variations. I had this one from Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway on Broadway in Somerville, MA. There are a few good Brazilian restaurants in Somerville, but this is the place I most frequently visit for a X- Tudo or for a coxinha…

THE COXINHA (com catupiry)

coxinhaCoxinha’s are one of my favorite Brazilian treats. It’s basically a big fried shredded chicken ball with an option of catupiry inside, this cream cheese- like filling. I probably described that poorly (my apologies). I wish I had a better coxinha photo for you, maybe with it cut in half so you could see the goodness inside!


T’Was A Snowy Day in New England, Cont’d.

IMG_0399The REAL Blizzard of 2015 hit yesterday causing almost everything to shut down AKA state of emergency. We got about 30″ of the white stuff in our area, with some 6 foot drifts! It made shoveling pretty interesting to say the least.

IMG_0393Ahh, a sea of snow covered rooftops.

Needless to say I didn’t leave my house (thanks MBTA, travel ban, & office for shutting down, woo hoo!) so I ate tons of junk food like oreos, Chester’s cheese puffs, and Snyder’s Honey Mustard pretzels. I then whipped up some chocolate mousse that I was craving for months!

IMG_4094I totally forgot about making snow ice cream, but until next time…Happy Snowpocalypse!

Daddy Jones

Dip & Pita

Dip & Pita

My friends and I started the night off right at Daddy Jones with an order of their Dip & Pita. The dip is made up of whipped roasted pepper, feta, and heavenly goodness. We each had a glass of white wine to wash it down with and I have to say it paired with the dip pretty darn well. FYI this is a chilled dip- for some odd reason I was expecting it to be warm. It’s still amazing though.

Next we ordered two Mac Daddy’s to share.

The Mac Daddy

The Mac Daddy

You see those pieces of meat? That’s BACON. BACON I TELL YOU. Big chunks of BACON! It’s mixed with sharp cheddar & kaseri, sautéed tomatoes, and elbow macaroni. We each scooped some out onto our pretty little plates (their water glasses are cool too, BTW). It was delicious. Now, as a mac and cheese connoisseur, I have to say that Magoun’s mac tops the Mac Daddy. However, they are both pretty different Macs- different cheeses and topping. Did I mention that this had huge chunks of bacon in it? 😉

Daddy Jones has a nice ambiance to it- relaxing and beautifully lit. Definitely a great date night spot. You can dine with them Mon-Sat at 5PM, Sun- 10AM-12AM. Reservations available by calling or texting 617.690.9095. They are located in Magoun Square Somerville, right across from Magoun Saloon! You can check out their site at

My apologies for crappy iphone photos 🙂


Ball Square Cafe

Pictured above is the best eggs benny in the universe.

Two perfectly cooked poached eggs over avocado and tomato topped with the best homemade hollandaise sauce. MMM YUM! On the side is deliciously grilled-mashed home fries and a slice of fresh orange. All 9 of their eggs benny plates are scrumptious and I HIGHLY recommend them!

Brunch Village A.K.A. Somerville is where this awesomely delicious cafe is located. Here you can find fancy pancakes, french toast (even stuffed french toast, WHAT WHAT!), omelets, breakfast plates, breakfast sandwiches, eggs benedict, belgian waffles, bagels, bread, oatmeal, granola, and fresh fruit- all just as tasty as the next. They have a variety of juice, coffee and tea which is self serve and an option to purchase the bottomless mug (unlimited refills for $3.75).

Ball Square Cafe also serves yummy lunch that includes soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and lunch plates- which makes it the perfect brunch spot.

Breakfast and Lunch are served all day Monday–Sunday from 6:30am–3:00pm. Check out their website at

Oh and BTW- they have heat lamps outside so you don’t freeze to death while waiting in line!


…in a box.

IMG_3773-0.JPGBon Me…in a box! Yum!

On every Tuesday of the week, Bon Me Food Truck stops by my work for lunch (lucky me). They serve vietnamese cuisine- which includes viet subs, noodle salads, and rice bowls. Bon Me also serves some viet beverages and deviled eggs that you can add to your meal! I haven’t had any of the beverages, but I can tell you about the food.

Having had a viet sub before, I couldn’t resist as I first tried Bon Me. I ordered the Chinese BBQ Pork sub with pickled veges, sans cilantro (not a huge cilantro fan, I know I know). It was everything I ever wanted and more. The best part about it is the perfectly toasted sub roll. However, since that first day, I feel like the sub was never up to par as compared to the previous one. Sometimes the pork was dry :/

I’ve also had the noodle salad and today tried the rice bowl. LOVE. My favorite meat to get with it is the miso shredded pork, cause you can really mix it all together and gobble it up. The salads/bowls come with your meat of choice & dressing, a little lettuce, bean sprouts, and pickled veges. I usually top it off with the sesame seed dressing. I feel as though the noodle salad is great on a hot summer day because the noodles are cold and it is refreshing. The rice bowl is perfect on a chilly day because it is nice and warm.

You can visit to see a listing of their locations, menu, and more!


Olde Magoun’s Saloon

I consider myself a bit of a Mac-and-Cheese connoisseur. What is there not to love about it? Loads of cheese and carbs. YUM.

To my knowledge, Olde Magoun’s Saloon has hands down the BEST macaroni and cheese. Pictured above is their mac and cheese cooked to order and served in a cast iron skillet. You can choose to have it topped off with one of the following: kielbasa, blackened chicken, chili, steak, pulled pork, or hamburger. Sometimes I order it plain and sometimes I’ll get a topping. It’s delicioso either way- the picture above is plain.

Usually, I’m not a fan of the baked-breadcrumb-topping thing. These bread crumbs are different though. They’re super buttery and doesn’t feel/taste like sawdust in your mouth. Instead it’s crunchy smooth butteriness in your mouth. They use ziti for the pasta and who knows what magic for the cheese sauce. It’s just the perfect thickness and cheesiness. You pull your fork away and the cheese is stringin’ along the dish. YUM.

Pretty much everything on the menu at Magoun’s is tasty. Another one of my favorites is the Smoked Turkey and Swiss Press sandwich. On this particular day, I tried the Grilled Reuben for the first time. Not bad- flavorful, although I’m not a huge Reuben fan so I can’t judge or really compare.

Grilled Reuben

Besides the yummy food, wanna know what makes this place awesome!? The kitchen is open until 11pm every night. Oh, and they have a pretty good beer selection!

So come on down to Magoun Square in Somerville, MA and have yourself some award winning mac-and-cheese (in my book)!

Shack Stack- Attack!


OMFG. This photo speaks for itself. Do you see that cheese!?

This orgasmic cheeseburger called the Shack Stack consists of a regular yummy juicy cheeseburger (w/ lettuce + tomato) and a FRIED portobello mushroom STUFFED with cheese. Stuffed. I wasn’t sure I could take on the challenge and debated getting just the cheeseburger. Boy, am I glad I went for the shack stack!!

Not only did I finish every single bite of that burger, but I also ate some mediocre fries with it. I washed it all down with a small soda and a small black + white shake. The shake, similar to a Wendy’s frosty, was a deliciously perfect way to finish off this meal. Thank you Zumba for giving me an insane hunger unknown to man and a bottomless pit in which to stuff all that greatness in.

Shake Shack has a few locations across the U.S., so it’s not just a Boston thing. The location I visited was in Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA.