Shack Stack- Attack!


OMFG. This photo speaks for itself. Do you see that cheese!?

This orgasmic cheeseburger called the Shack Stack consists of a regular yummy juicy cheeseburger (w/ lettuce + tomato) and a FRIED portobello mushroom STUFFED with cheese. Stuffed. I wasn’t sure I could take on the challenge and debated getting just the cheeseburger. Boy, am I glad I went for the shack stack!!

Not only did I finish every single bite of that burger, but I also ate some mediocre fries with it. I washed it all down with a small soda and a small black + white shake. The shake, similar to a Wendy’s frosty, was a deliciously perfect way to finish off this meal. Thank you Zumba for giving me an insane hunger unknown to man and a bottomless pit in which to stuff all that greatness in.

Shake Shack has a few locations across the U.S., so it’s not just a Boston thing. The location I visited was in Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA.