Ball Square Café (once more)

One of my favorite brunch spots in Brunch Village AKA Somerville. However, I think the prices went up and that makes me sad. Brunch really shouldn’t be expensive. 

Without further a due, (is that how it goes?) The avocado & tomato eggs Benedict:

Actually not my favorite of the eggs Benny- it was a little bland and I had to put salt on it. And I’m not even a salt person.



This is a sequel to my post NUNCH- The Nun Brunch.

The event was fabulous, fun, and filling.

IMG_4008This was my full and piled plate; a quarter of it eaten (I was so hungry I couldn’t wait). The buffet was AMAZING. Club Cafe had your typical breakfast items (bacon, sausage, egg, french toast, etc.) but also some smoked salmon, bagels, fruit, pastries, fried chicken, roasted chicken, salad, and potatoes three different ways. First I washed it down with a cup of coffee followed by a mimosa.

This guy performed a few songs including “Valerie” and I loved it.

IMG_4012Then the Sisters came out for a few performances and speeches!

IMG_4013IMG_4016IMG_4017There were tears. There was laughter. There were lots of food, prizes, and make-up.

Can’t wait for the next event!

NUNCH- The Nun Brunch

Benefit the community and come have brunch with the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!

There will be live entertainment, an all you can eat buffet, a raffle, and a silent auction.

The event takes place on Sunday January 11th between 11:30am-3pm at Club Café, Boston.

All proceeds from Nunch will benefit the 2015 Boston Sisters’ Community Grant Fund.

It will be yummy and lots of fun! Bet your boots I’ll be there!

Sister Tori D'Affair and I at Oberon

Sister Tori D’Affair and I at Oberon for the event Joyful Noise

click here to purchase tickets to Nunch!

The Boston Sister’s of Perpetual Indulgence Facebook Page



This post isn’t about a person named Paul. It’s about a french bakery, “boulangerie” by the name of PAUL Maison De Qualité Fondée En 1889 (house of quality, founded in 1889). New to Assembly Row in my hometown of Somerville, my cousin suggested we check it out for brunch!

Right when you walk in, there is a long showcase of all their breads and pastries- numerous delicious looking carbohydrates to make your mouth water. At the end of the showcase is the register where you pay and pick up your order if it’s ready. The seating is self service, like most cafés. To start, I ordered smoked salmon on a croissant and a small cappuccino. I kept my eye on the macaroons for later.

The smoked salmon laid on a bed of tomato, lettuce, and croissant. It was everything I wanted and more. The croissant was the perfect size and texture. Just enough butter and crunch.

The cappuccino was perfect- ordered with some half & half and a little sugar. Foam was there until the very last drop 🙂

Pictured above is one of their miraculous macaroons- Macaron de Vanille. I got this bad boy to go after sitting in for a wonderful brunch. It was AMAZING. I’ve had Italian macaroons before, but French macaroons are another ball park. This was kind of like a whoopie pie- two soft almond cookies with some kind of mystery almond vanilla filling inside. The filling tasted like vanilla ice cream, except it’s not! It was just the right amount of cream and sugar. YUM.

I definitely recommend stopping by Paul’s for some breakfast before going to the shops at Assembly Row. It’s a great way to start your weekend of Christmas shopping and the prices aren’t so bad either! Oh and you can look into their boulangerie to watch the yummy bread being made! Did I mention, taking some baguettes to-go?


Ball Square Cafe

Pictured above is the best eggs benny in the universe.

Two perfectly cooked poached eggs over avocado and tomato topped with the best homemade hollandaise sauce. MMM YUM! On the side is deliciously grilled-mashed home fries and a slice of fresh orange. All 9 of their eggs benny plates are scrumptious and I HIGHLY recommend them!

Brunch Village A.K.A. Somerville is where this awesomely delicious cafe is located. Here you can find fancy pancakes, french toast (even stuffed french toast, WHAT WHAT!), omelets, breakfast plates, breakfast sandwiches, eggs benedict, belgian waffles, bagels, bread, oatmeal, granola, and fresh fruit- all just as tasty as the next. They have a variety of juice, coffee and tea which is self serve and an option to purchase the bottomless mug (unlimited refills for $3.75).

Ball Square Cafe also serves yummy lunch that includes soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and lunch plates- which makes it the perfect brunch spot.

Breakfast and Lunch are served all day Monday–Sunday from 6:30am–3:00pm. Check out their website at

Oh and BTW- they have heat lamps outside so you don’t freeze to death while waiting in line!