I got fat

So I haven’t made a post in a long time. That’s because after eating all of this delicious food, a little too frequently, I began to gain some weight (nothing crazy, like 5-10lbs) and felt really bloated and crappy. Also, food is just too delicious to be taking pictures of all the time. I’d find myself half-way through a meal like shit, I forgot to take a picture for my blog. Oh well, let me just enjoy this meal! Being back in school also gives me much less time to blog.

Since then, I’ve been practicing athletic yoga and going on hikes when I can. Occasionally I drop in on a tap dance class. Just doing active things I enjoy doing. I’ve also been trying to eat clean, similar to a paleo/fodmap diet to try and find relief from all the GI crap (literally). I am happy to report that it definitely helps! Less bloating, discomfort, grogginess, and I’m back at the weight I was before eating all the crap.

Occasionally I am still going to eat a delicious plate of Mac and cheese or a big ass burger. But on the daily, I rather feel better. As to where I’ll be taking this blog, I don’t know. Maybe I won’t ever post again. Maybe I’ll post about healthy foods or what I’m eating lately. Maybe I’ll blog about something else. Who knows!


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