Ball Square CafĂ© (once more)

One of my favorite brunch spots in Brunch Village AKA Somerville. However, I think the prices went up and that makes me sad. Brunch really shouldn’t be expensive. 

Without further a due, (is that how it goes?) The avocado & tomato eggs Benedict:

Actually not my favorite of the eggs Benny- it was a little bland and I had to put salt on it. And I’m not even a salt person.


The Sausage Guys

Possibly the best street meat you’ll have in your entire life. Yeah, I said it.

The Sausage Guys has exactly that- sausages and hot dogs with the fixings (peppers & onions). They take credit cards, so when your drunk self is out of cash this is where you want to go. I’ve also heard they sell their signature sausages at the local supermarket, so you can have a taste of this glorious street meat on a night in.