Estoril Restaurant

Before attending the International Portuguese Music Awards in New Bedford, MA, we only thought it was right to have dinner at a Portuguese restaurant before hand. Fall River, MA is full of them as well as market places and the food is SO good and fresh! So we paid a visit to Estoril Restaurant

Pictured above is what the entire table ordered and probably the most popular plate to order at any Portuguese restaurant- Bifé A Casa or Bifé A Portuguesa. It’s a deliciously huge tender sirloin steak, probably something like 12-16oz, with a fried egg, gravy on top, and fries & rice on the side (here it’s garnished with a slice of hot red pepper). All of it for only $16..not bad!

The food was so damn good that each and every one of us ate until our plates were clean. Even soaking up the gravy with their fresh Portuguese rolls…SO GOOD.

mousseOf course afterwards we HAD to get dessert. You can’t be at a Portuguese restaurant and not get dessert. My favorite, but simple dessert is the Chocolate Mousse. OMG it gets me every time. Love it. Love it even more with some fresh fruit on the side and whip cream. And following dessert you need to have coffee, you know, because after all that YOU WILL GET THE ITIS. So we each ordered a Galão- basically a Portuguese latte with sprinkled cinnamon on top…delectable!

All I can say is, when will we be visiting Fall River again!?


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