Posto (Mobile)


Sounds fancy right!? WELL IT IS. Fancy pizza.

I was SO excited when I found out a new spring/summer food truck schedule was coming out. For the longest time, this shitty asian food truck called “Savory Food Truck” came 3x a week. Now, Savory is GONE and this new schedule is so bomb. Hello to Summer of 2015, the summer of being broke and fat.


So after jumping for joy, I ventured outside to the truck. No line. YES. Wood fired oven- CHECK.


The menu is mostly pizza and they all sound delicioso. I ordered the Soppressata- spicy salami, mozzarella cheese, tuscan pepper, oregano, arugula, and parmesan. It was delicious as expected. And as a no-crust-pizza-eater…I ate the crust. It was perfectly cooked, yummy, warm, and soft with just the right amount of dough.

For dessert, I had a cannoli. A cannoli is a cannoli. It’s yummy and I immediately got the itis after eating it.

Next week I think I’ll order the Mushroom.

Check out Posto’s site here. Their restaurant is located in Davis Sq. Somerville.

You may also want to check out the Boston Food Truck schedule here.


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