Ahhhhh the famous Café Du Monde.

Loved this spot. Not only are the beignets and coffee amazing, but it was so nice to sit here in the morning.

IMG_4156We came here on two separate occasions. Both times were at about 9am- NO LINE BABY!

IMG_4157The menu is pretty basic, whatever is on this little napkin dispenser.

So, we ordered a few beignets and café au laits.

IMG_4158If you can’t already tell, they were absofuckinglutely amazing. Beignets are basically the French take on doughnuts. Its like a mix between fried dough and cake. It may look like there is a shit load of powdered sugar on top, but it is all necessary. Any sugar left on the plate either gets dipped in or poured into your coffee. Mmmm.

If you’re in NOLA, visiting this place is a must. But FYI- if you don’t go early, you will be stuck in a 30 min+ line. So get out of bed you lazy hungover fuck!

Now look at this beautiful picture of the Mississippi River.



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