This BITCHIN’ muffuletta came from a place called The Butcher down in Nawlins.

The muffuletta is the best mother fuckin’ cold cut sandwich I’ve ever had. In fact, it wasn’t cold at all. The sesame bread was toasted and the meats were freshly smoked.

slice of muffulettaOH YEAH.

So I got an order all to myself, thinking it wouldn’t be an entire pie. This could totes be split by two people. OH WELL. I ate all that shit up anyway!

IMG_4375It’s got some ham, salami, bacon, olive stuffs, melted cheese, and who knows what else. Maybe heroin? SO GOOD.

I don’t really know how else to describe this sandwich besides the fact that it was real tasty. What ever was in it almost had a chorizo like taste. BOMB.

IMG_4369OH, and the meat is fresh as fuck too.

I washed it all down with a cream soda. #throwback

cream soda

Point is- if you’re going to NOLA and want an unfuckingbelievable muffuletta, you GOTTA get it from The Butcher.


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