Antoine’s Restaurant New Orleans, LA

WOW this place is a gem!

Located in the French Quarter and around the corner from where we stayed, was Antoine’s. A friend and I stopped by here our last day before heading back home. It was bitter sweet.


Antoine's bar

Ze bar

We heard about this place for their famous Café Brulot, a specialty French drink and also for their history. So in we walked and ordered our Po Boys.

I ordered the Oyster Po Boy (featured image at the top), which was perfect. The oysters were perfectly cooked and it had a nice gravy on it that added some delicious flavor. It was my first po boy and from the way they looked in pictures, I was afraid they’d be wicked dry. But this wasn’t at all!

The bartender that served us was a bad ass older gentleman. I asked him for an order of the Café Brulot and this happened:

cafe brulot fire

They mix coffee with brandy, then add cinnamon sticks, cloves, lemon peel, and nutmeg. Add fire. Mix that shit up and you have your café brulot.

cafe brulot

This beverage was STRONG AF. The bartender described it as the old Frenchman’s redbull and vodka, something like that. It reminded me of a wicked intense Irish coffee. It’s a good drink for when it’s cold as balls outside and you need to wake the fuck up. Also, look at that lil’ devil on the cup. SICK.

Once my friend and I were done with our po boys and brulots, we asked about the private rooms in back. Our bartender brought us to the back of the restaurant and gave us the down low about all the ballrooms, dinning rooms, debutantes, and past mardi gras festivities. There were so many rooms filled with really cool artifacts and photographs.



mardi gras

If you’re ever down in NOLA, I highly suggest visiting Antoine’s Restaurant!



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