New Orleans, LA

That’s where I’ll be the next 1-2 weeks for good ole Mardi Gras, eating muffulettas, king cake, po boys, oysters, and alligator!

Stay hungry my friends!


Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway


x tudoThat’s what this beast of a burger is called. X- Tudo, Brazilian- Portuguese literally translating to CHEESE- EVERYTHING in English. How could I not eat a burger that stands for cheese and everything good in this world?

xtudoThe “everything” in this burger consists of a beef burger, fried egg, slice of ham, tomato, lettuce, fried potato sticks, bacon, mayo, sometimes peas, and a potato bun. Of course, there’s cheese in there.

This particular X- Tudo was good, but the beef burger patty was a little dry that day.

You can find this gem of a sandwich at almost any Brazilian CafĂ©. It can even be a X- Frango or X- Galinha (w/ chicken). There are tons of variations. I had this one from Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway on Broadway in Somerville, MA. There are a few good Brazilian restaurants in Somerville, but this is the place I most frequently visit for a X- Tudo or for a coxinha…

THE COXINHA (com catupiry)

coxinhaCoxinha’s are one of my favorite Brazilian treats. It’s basically a big fried shredded chicken ball with an option of catupiry inside, this cream cheese- like filling. I probably described that poorly (my apologies). I wish I had a better coxinha photo for you, maybe with it cut in half so you could see the goodness inside!

Yoki Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Yoki, which was once my favorite sushi bar, has been around for a few years. I’ve had my ups and downs with this restaurant.

The service is always consistent and great, but sometimes I feel the quality of the sushi varies. Sometimes its wicked tasty, sometimes it’s not.

I typically order the good time (philly) maki, boston maki, idaho maki, rock & roll maki, and edamame. Occasionally shrimp tempura or spicy salmon. However, this time we decided to order something different and on the pricier side.


IMG_3902Shrimp tempura maki topped with fresh sliced tuna and a mixture of tempura flakes, spicy mayo, crabstick, and tobiko. Glazed with pineapple sauce and topped with pineapple. Sprinkled with dry parsley.

THIS WAS SO GOOD. This must be what heaven tastes like. You get the crunch from the shrimp tempura, the creaminess of the tuna, crab, mayo, & pineapple sauce, and a burst of fresh sweetness from the pineapple chunk. I will now be ordering this every visit I make to Yoki until I am sick of it.

Another item that is to die for is their Green Tea/Vanilla Tempura Ice Cream. This “fried” ice cream is LEGIT. None of that cereal corn flakes crap. It is one large ball of frozen ice cream that has a layer of fried batter tempura goodness. On the side is some whipped cream, fruit, and a little chocolate syrup. Yoki’s alcoholic beverages aren’t bad either.

You can check out Yoki’s website and full menu here.

They have locations in Medford and Cambridge, MA.