Koreana is a Korean restaurant which features traditional Korean BBQ as well as hot pot and sushi. The Korean BBQ option is similar to hot pot or “fondue”- you pick which raw meat you’d like, then grill at your table. I’ve been eyeing this place for months and was so excited when a friend and I made plans to have dinner there! What better place to be on one of the coldest days of the year? Temps reached 0°F.


We started with seafood scallion pancakes (pictured above) as an appetizer. They were a little on the cakey side more than crispy, but still delicious. It came with a sesame-chive-soy sauce to drizzle on top. Yummm.

Of course we went with the BBQ option and ordered two types of meat- pork belly (Sam Gyup Sal) and thinly sliced beef rib-eye (Bulgogi).


Before the raw meat arrived were all these little side dishes. Rice, broccoli, seaweed, lettuce, bean sprouts, fish cakes, kimchee, and more. Let’s turn up this grill baby and get readdddyyy!


Mmmm, look at that meat sizzle. Literally, I mean, click those words and you can watch it sizzle.You can almost smell it through the monitor! With help from the waitress, we cooked this meat to perfection. The pork belly was cut up with some food scissors and we put the meat along with toppings into a lettuce wrap.You can drizzle or dip the meat in some sauces too. So good.


As a complimentary dessert, they served us some kind of Korean dessert tea (above). The cold tea caught me by surprise because usually Asian restaurants hand you pipping hot tea. Cold or hot, this dessert tea was DELICIOUS. I’m not even sure how to describe it, but it has a cinnamon taste. So if you like cinnamon-ish drinks, you’ll enjoy it.

I really enjoyed my dinner at this spot and will definitely be going back for more.

Koreana is located on the corner of a block, in between Inman and Central sq, Cambridge. There is no parking lot; street parking available.


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