My First Trip to H-Mart

I was excited when my friend suggested we go to H-mart, a specialty Asian supermarket. Here’s what I got on my H-mart haul:

Shrimp crackers. There were SO many different brands of shrimp crackers/chips. Literally half of an isle full. I had to buy a bag.

Kawaii cookies. The little Hello Kitty bags were too cute to not buy.

Hello panda. I’ve found these goodies at Target before. They’re little cookies with flavored filling inside!

Japanese green tea cookies. My friend said these were bomb. They look like matcha green tea oreos.

Onion rings. Because why not?

Frozen mochi japanese green tea bon bons. Not pictured (had to put ’em in the freezer).

Hi-chew. The greatest fruity asian candies.

Kopiko cappuccino candies. I love coffee flavored things!

Two face masks (not edible but figured I’d add everything here!)

All of this was a whopping $40. This place is naht cheap. My friend purchased green tea Kit Kats that are supposedly delicious. They were $10 for a small bag and considering I already had a basket full of junk food, I passed.

The small food court has a few good spots- a Japanese style curry place and a pastry shop that sells creme filled cronuts. I’ll definitely have to go back and try it out!


4 thoughts on “My First Trip to H-Mart

  1. I’ve been to other Asian grocery stores but went to H-mart for the first time this past summer. They had a much larger food court than I was expecting, it was really nice! Thanks for sharing, everything looks tasty!

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