Lir- An Irish Pub down in Back Bay on Boylston.

This was the burger I got. It was meh, kind of disappointing. I ordered it cooked medium, but it was more like medium-well and a little dry. The onions weren’t very caramelized at all. When put together, the burger was at least 6″ or taller. Definitely couldn’t get it all in a single bite. The bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and my imaginary BBQ sauce were good though. I ended up using that to make my own lettuce wrap; ditching the burger.

The waffle fries were pretty good, I’d say the best thing about this meal. My blue moon tasted like, well, blue moon. It was a tad warm, if you like warm beer. Our nachos were alright, but that’s hard to mess up. Perhaps I should’ve stuck with mac and cheese?


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