T’Was A Snowy Day in New England, Cont’d.

IMG_0399The REAL Blizzard of 2015 hit yesterday causing almost everything to shut down AKA state of emergency. We got about 30″ of the white stuff in our area, with some 6 foot drifts! It made shoveling pretty interesting to say the least.

IMG_0393Ahh, a sea of snow covered rooftops.

Needless to say I didn’t leave my house (thanks MBTA, travel ban, & office for shutting down, woo hoo!) so I ate tons of junk food like oreos, Chester’s cheese puffs, and Snyder’s Honey Mustard pretzels. I then whipped up some chocolate mousse that I was craving for months!

IMG_4094I totally forgot about making snow ice cream, but until next time…Happy Snowpocalypse!



This is a sequel to my post NUNCH- The Nun Brunch.

The event was fabulous, fun, and filling.

IMG_4008This was my full and piled plate; a quarter of it eaten (I was so hungry I couldn’t wait). The buffet was AMAZING. Club Cafe had your typical breakfast items (bacon, sausage, egg, french toast, etc.) but also some smoked salmon, bagels, fruit, pastries, fried chicken, roasted chicken, salad, and potatoes three different ways. First I washed it down with a cup of coffee followed by a mimosa.

This guy performed a few songs including “Valerie” and I loved it.

IMG_4012Then the Sisters came out for a few performances and speeches!

IMG_4013IMG_4016IMG_4017There were tears. There was laughter. There were lots of food, prizes, and make-up.

Can’t wait for the next event!


Koreana is a Korean restaurant which features traditional Korean BBQ as well as hot pot and sushi. The Korean BBQ option is similar to hot pot or “fondue”- you pick which raw meat you’d like, then grill at your table. I’ve been eyeing this place for months and was so excited when a friend and I made plans to have dinner there! What better place to be on one of the coldest days of the year? Temps reached 0°F.


We started with seafood scallion pancakes (pictured above) as an appetizer. They were a little on the cakey side more than crispy, but still delicious. It came with a sesame-chive-soy sauce to drizzle on top. Yummm.

Of course we went with the BBQ option and ordered two types of meat- pork belly (Sam Gyup Sal) and thinly sliced beef rib-eye (Bulgogi).


Before the raw meat arrived were all these little side dishes. Rice, broccoli, seaweed, lettuce, bean sprouts, fish cakes, kimchee, and more. Let’s turn up this grill baby and get readdddyyy!


Mmmm, look at that meat sizzle. Literally, I mean, click those words and you can watch it sizzle.You can almost smell it through the monitor! With help from the waitress, we cooked this meat to perfection. The pork belly was cut up with some food scissors and we put the meat along with toppings into a lettuce wrap.You can drizzle or dip the meat in some sauces too. So good.


As a complimentary dessert, they served us some kind of Korean dessert tea (above). The cold tea caught me by surprise because usually Asian restaurants hand you pipping hot tea. Cold or hot, this dessert tea was DELICIOUS. I’m not even sure how to describe it, but it has a cinnamon taste. So if you like cinnamon-ish drinks, you’ll enjoy it.

I really enjoyed my dinner at this spot and will definitely be going back for more.

Koreana is located on the corner of a block, in between Inman and Central sq, Cambridge. There is no parking lot; street parking available.

My First Trip to H-Mart

I was excited when my friend suggested we go to H-mart, a specialty Asian supermarket. Here’s what I got on my H-mart haul:

Shrimp crackers. There were SO many different brands of shrimp crackers/chips. Literally half of an isle full. I had to buy a bag.

Kawaii cookies. The little Hello Kitty bags were too cute to not buy.

Hello panda. I’ve found these goodies at Target before. They’re little cookies with flavored filling inside!

Japanese green tea cookies. My friend said these were bomb. They look like matcha green tea oreos.

Onion rings. Because why not?

Frozen mochi japanese green tea bon bons. Not pictured (had to put ’em in the freezer).

Hi-chew. The greatest fruity asian candies.

Kopiko cappuccino candies. I love coffee flavored things!

Two face masks (not edible but figured I’d add everything here!)

All of this was a whopping $40. This place is naht cheap. My friend purchased green tea Kit Kats that are supposedly delicious. They were $10 for a small bag and considering I already had a basket full of junk food, I passed.

The small food court has a few good spots- a Japanese style curry place and a pastry shop that sells creme filled cronuts. I’ll definitely have to go back and try it out!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Woo hoo! I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! It’s an award, awarded to bloggers by other bloggers.
I was nominated by the fabulous Hannah, from Hannah Goes To France. Thank you, Hannah! Her blog is a beautiful blog, not only about her experience with TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France) but also other travels, her love for teaching, and her love of learning.

The “Rules”

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs you enjoy, and let them know that you have nominated them.

Seven Facts About Myself

  1. I am first generation American and of Portuguese descent.
  2. I have tap danced for over 8 years and dibble dabbled in other types of dance.
  3. The first instrument I learned to play was the violin, then the cello, guitar, and finally ukulele.
  4. My absolute favorite TV series to date is Game of Thrones.
  5. I starred in my high school’s musical production of “Anything Goes” as one of the tap dancing “angels”- I think my character’s name was Chastity.
  6. 90’s alternative is one of my favorite musical genres.
  7. I’ve traveled to about 10 different states in the U.S. (11 in February) and 6 different countries.

Fifteen Thirteen Blogs I Enjoy- I couldn’t quite get to 15. I’m still pretty new at this blogging shindig.

  1. Hannah Goes to France Is it possible to be nominated twice? 😉 Hannah’s blog has inspired me in many ways. Career and travel-wise. It also got me thinking about creating this blog!
  2. Vittle Monster Love all the food posts and photos on this blog!
  3. One Man’s Meat This dude is hilarious and a boss in the kitchen.
  4. Foodisthebestshitever#truth
  5. Thoughts with Carly– an enjoyable blog on different topics!
  6. Don Charisma pensive, deep, and beautiful. Gorgeous photo posts as well as quotes, opinions/thoughts, and travels.
  7. Tobefree I live vicariously through her.
  8. Cooking with a Wallflower Delicious recipes that seem easy to make! Beautiful photos and fun posts.
  9. Stephanie Eusebi Nutrition and Wellness a blog full of excellent health tips!
  10. Kelzbelz photography #realtalk
  11. Cristian Mihai beautifully written blog posts that provoke emotion and thought. Genuine and my first follower!
  12. Mexican Frodo also living vicariously through him and his travels.
  13. Homemade With Messyummy recipes that make my mouth water.