El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill

This was my first time at this good ole spot right in Union Sq Somerville! Also my first time trying pupusas- what whatttt.

Yup. You heard it. A Somerville townie that has never tried pupusas. And pictured above are the infamous pupusas! They were just as amazing as I thought they would be. I mean, they’re tortillas STUFFED with CHEESE. Like, really stuffed with cheese. So stuffed, that when you pull it apart the cheese strings everywhere. You can choose from bean and cheese, cheese and loroco, or a mix of both. Starting at only $2 a pupusa, we ordered one of each.

Surprisingly, I think I enjoyed the bean and cheese more than the cheese and loroco. Not to say that it was bad- still packed with amazingly cheesey goodness. I ate half of each and honestly already felt a little full. Two of these bad boys could totally make a meal, at only $4.

Next, I ordered the Pollo ala Crema

El_Potro_polloalacremaI love anything high in cholesterol (who doesn’t)- cheese, fats, dairy, you name it. In that regard, ordering the pollo ala crema was just right.

“Tender chicken cooked in our homemade cream sauce, mushrooms, and tomatoes, served with rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, sliced avocado, and flour tortilla.”

That chicken was SO tender and delicious. El Potro ain’t lying. The cream sauce was flavorful, a little on the salty side. Not dull like some cream sauces can be. The sliced avocado on the side was a great touch. YUM!

El_Potro_polloalacrema_closeupIt tasted just as good for left overs the next day too!

If you want some good, fresh, authentic Mexican food, pay a visit to El Potro. Not only will you be pleased, but you will also be supporting a family business!


6 thoughts on “El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill

  1. next time, get a tamal con crema! It’s a sweet tamale with corn and a thick, sweet cream! It’s the best! Oh, I’m sooo jealous, I haven’t had a real Salvadorean pupusa in YEARS! I miss El Salvador so badly and I’m happy I found this post to remind me of the great memories of that big house and the GREAT food! Thank you so, so, so super much!

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    • Oh I’m so happy to hear this post was nostalgic for you! If you’re ever around the Boston area- specifically Somerville- there are SO many great El Salvadorean restaurants! I will definitely take your suggestion next time I visit El Potro 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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