Olde Magoun’s Saloon: Part Deux


pumpkin mac
On every Wednesday for the month of December, Magoun’s Saloon offered a special MAC ATTACK! menu. Of course my eyes lit up when I saw the advertisement and I just KNEW I had to go. They serve the best mac and cheese after all.

This is the glorious MAC ATTACK! menu. My friend and I took a good 15 minutes to decide what we would devour. It’s all mac and cheese. It all sounds so good.

And so with much debate, I went for the Roasted Pumpkin. How could a basic bitch not? 😉

pumpkin mac1
As expected, it was amazing. The fried sage on top added some delicious crispiness to the mac. Pieces of the roasted pumpkin which came apart from the walls of the pumpkin paired really well with the mac. The bacon, was hidden all around inside the mac- and every time you had a bite, it was a surprise in your mouth. Yup. A surprise in your mouth.

mac collards fried chicken

My friend went for the Southern Style. Mac and cheese with collard greens on the bottom and fried buttermilk chicken on top. YUM.

Of course we tried each others mac. This dish was SO GOOD. I’ve never had their fried chicken before and boy was it a delicious surprise (then again, what isn’t delicious from Magoun’s!?). Perfectly cooked juicy tender chicken and just the right crispy fried batter on the outside.

Although MAC ATTACK is now over, it is bound to come back around.

So tell me, who makes your favorite mac and cheese? Is it a local spot, a chain restaurant, or Mom’s? Comment below!


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