Daddy Jones

Dip & Pita

Dip & Pita

My friends and I started the night off right at Daddy Jones with an order of their Dip & Pita. The dip is made up of whipped roasted pepper, feta, and heavenly goodness. We each had a glass of white wine to wash it down with and I have to say it paired with the dip pretty darn well. FYI this is a chilled dip- for some odd reason I was expecting it to be warm. It’s still amazing though.

Next we ordered two Mac Daddy’s to share.

The Mac Daddy

The Mac Daddy

You see those pieces of meat? That’s BACON. BACON I TELL YOU. Big chunks of BACON! It’s mixed with sharp cheddar & kaseri, sautéed tomatoes, and elbow macaroni. We each scooped some out onto our pretty little plates (their water glasses are cool too, BTW). It was delicious. Now, as a mac and cheese connoisseur, I have to say that Magoun’s mac tops the Mac Daddy. However, they are both pretty different Macs- different cheeses and topping. Did I mention that this had huge chunks of bacon in it? 😉

Daddy Jones has a nice ambiance to it- relaxing and beautifully lit. Definitely a great date night spot. You can dine with them Mon-Sat at 5PM, Sun- 10AM-12AM. Reservations available by calling or texting 617.690.9095. They are located in Magoun Square Somerville, right across from Magoun Saloon! You can check out their site at

My apologies for crappy iphone photos 🙂


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