…in a box.

IMG_3773-0.JPGBon Me…in a box! Yum!

On every Tuesday of the week, Bon Me Food Truck stops by my work for lunch (lucky me). They serve vietnamese cuisine- which includes viet subs, noodle salads, and rice bowls. Bon Me also serves some viet beverages and deviled eggs that you can add to your meal! I haven’t had any of the beverages, but I can tell you about the food.

Having had a viet sub before, I couldn’t resist as I first tried Bon Me. I ordered the Chinese BBQ Pork sub with pickled veges, sans cilantro (not a huge cilantro fan, I know I know). It was everything I ever wanted and more. The best part about it is the perfectly toasted sub roll. However, since that first day, I feel like the sub was never up to par as compared to the previous one. Sometimes the pork was dry :/

I’ve also had the noodle salad and today tried the rice bowl. LOVE. My favorite meat to get with it is the miso shredded pork, cause you can really mix it all together and gobble it up. The salads/bowls come with your meat of choice & dressing, a little lettuce, bean sprouts, and pickled veges. I usually top it off with the sesame seed dressing. I feel as though the noodle salad is great on a hot summer day because the noodles are cold and it is refreshing. The rice bowl is perfect on a chilly day because it is nice and warm.

You can visit to see a listing of their locations, menu, and more!


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