How to eat local during the zombie apocalypse

Mmm… Tasty!


Admit it: You’ve been watching too many horror movies this week — which means you’ve probably also been planning your survival strategy for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Familiar questions include: ‘Hit the gun shop with all the other trigger-happy humans, or hunker down through the initial bloodbath to clean up on melee weapons like axes and golf clubs?’* ‘Gather a crew of cautiously loyal friends or go lone wolf?’* and the inevitable: ‘To boat or not to boat?’*

But while stockpiling ammo and antibiotics is all well and good, have you thought much about your menu? With probable months of blood-soaked terror ahead of you, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not facing the interpersonal and existential stresses of the apocalypse on beer nuts and Twinkies.

Just in time for these seasonal visions of hangry undead to set in, Modern Farmer’s Cathy Barrow comes to our rescue…

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Shack Stack- Attack!


OMFG. This photo speaks for itself. Do you see that cheese!?

This orgasmic cheeseburger called the Shack Stack consists of a regular yummy juicy cheeseburger (w/ lettuce + tomato) and a FRIED portobello mushroom STUFFED with cheese. Stuffed. I wasn’t sure I could take on the challenge and debated getting just the cheeseburger. Boy, am I glad I went for the shack stack!!

Not only did I finish every single bite of that burger, but I also ate some mediocre fries with it. I washed it all down with a small soda and a small black + white shake. The shake, similar to a Wendy’s frosty, was a deliciously perfect way to finish off this meal. Thank you Zumba for giving me an insane hunger unknown to man and a bottomless pit in which to stuff all that greatness in.

Shake Shack has a few locations across the U.S., so it’s not just a Boston thing. The location I visited was in Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA.


I Have Died and Gone to Heaven

For my first post, I will pay homage to small batch donut shop Union Square Donuts in my hometown of Somerville, MA. It only felt right.

Never in my life have I had a donut quite like this. My life has changed forever!

The donut pictured above is the Bacon Maple- sweet and salty DELICIOUSNESS. I have died and gone to heaven. The donut is fairly large and provided me with 2 servings (or 3). A mini bundt cake, if you will. Toss your left over piece in the microwave for a few seconds and it will melt. in. your. mouth.

That’s just one of their many flavors. There’s bourbon caramel, vanilla bean, strawberry, chocolate marble, and toasted coconut to name a few. I’ve also tried the bourbon caramel and toasted coconut; equally as delicious.

I highly suggest taking a trip to 20 Bow St in Union Square and trying one of these legendary donuts yourself. They’re open Thursday-Friday 7 AM- 1PM and Saturday- Sunday 7AM- 3PM. Beginning Tuesday, December 2nd they will open 6 days a week. If you can’t make it in during those days or hours, don’t fret! Union Square Donuts has various “pop-up” locations around the Boston area that you can find on their website so we may all get a taste!